What They Say

“For decades [this publication] has provided a unique and essential reference to all of us within Westminster but more importantly to everyone outside Parliament. In its scope the publication is unparalleled.”            - The Right Honourable Sir George Young MP, Leader of the House of

Commons (2010-2012)


“This publication is an invaluable source of reference to those of us involved in current issues and legislation … it fulfils a vital function in broadening our understanding”   - The Right Honourable Paddy Ashdown MP


“The publication plays a key role … I commend it to all.”     - The Right Honourable Tony Blair MP


“I believe we are all helped by this publication, which performs a valuable function.”      - The Right Honourable Marjorie Mowlam MP


“The publication plays a valuable role in informing readers inside and outside Parliament, and I commend this new edition.” - The Right Honourable Baroness Hayman, Lord Speaker (2006-2011)


“I believe that this publication has gone from strength to strength … as always the information contained herein is of increasing value.”                       - The Right Honourable Michael J Martin MP, Speaker of the House of Commons


“I am delighted to contribute to this publication, which I am sure will be of great value to many people.”        - The Right Honourable Michael Howard QC MP


“I’d like to congratulate the publishers for providing a useful tool in holding us to account.”    

- The Right Honourable Nick Clegg MP, Deputy Prime Minister


“This publication has become a key work of reference, not just for politicians, but for a much wider audience.”                        - The Right Honourable Kenneth Baker CH, MP


“A publication that has become something of a parliamentary institution.”                      - The Right Honourable Tony Newton OBE, MP


“This excellent reference work has gained in reputation … I recommend it to all.”                    - The Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke QC MP



“The publication is in daily use, and it may be of interest to know that it is kept in a special compartment in the Speaker’s Chair, and regularly consulted.”                - The Right Honourable Bernard Weatherill Speaker of the House of Commons (1983-1992)

“I was very pleased to be asked to write the piece for inclusion in this publication. It’s nice to get recognition that you’re doing a good job. Since doing the editorial, I was asked to talk on the BBC’s Politics Show about problems with asbestos disposal.”                      - Asbestex



“Forest appeared in this publication and calls continued to flood in to the Forest office.”           - Forest


“What a superlative publication it is, and I complement you on the quality of both its content and production.”            - Altrincham & Sale Chamber of Commerce


“Our solutions for promoting the council’s regeneration strategies and procurement processes were extremely well received.”            - Supercool / Solihull


“The publication is a handsome document, and we are very happy with our contribution to it.” - Finham Park School


“The publication is a perfect vehicle for getting our message across to a powerful and influential audience.”    - AND Solutions


“Thank you so much for our copy. We are delighted with our pages. It is a very interesting publication and full of useful information.”   - Springboard for Children


“It’s a fabulous reference book and one we will refer to time and time again.”      - Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce


“Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service has been selected for inclusion within this year’s publication ... this will help to enhance our growing reputation.”                        - Derbyshire Fire Authority


“I must congratulate you on a truly excellent publication.”           - Sheffield Chamber of Commerce



“The publication is, indeed, a valuable and extremely useful reference book.”      - Coca Cola


“This publication has been very helpful in the past, and I am sure that we shall continue to make good use of it in the future.”                 - Tesco