• 54 independent and equal countries covering – Africa (19 countries), Asia (8 countries) the Caribbean and Americas (13 countries), Europe (3 countries) and the Pacific (11 countries).

  • 2.4 billion people (almost one third of the world’s population). More than 60 per cent of that population is aged 29 or under.

  • Half of the top 20 global emerging cities are in Commonwealth countries: New Delhi, Mumbai, Nairobi, Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore, Johannesburg, Kolkata, Cape Town, Chennai and Dhaka.

  • The Commonwealth is one of the UK’s largest trading partners and our trade relationship was worth over £100 billion in the twelve months to March 2019.

  • Intra-Commonwealth trade was projected to reach $700 billion in 2020

  • The combined GDP of Commonwealth countries is estimated at US $11.6 trillion in 2018 and was predicted to reach US $13 trillion in 2020. 78% of which is accounted for by the four largest economies – India, the UK, Canada and Australia

  • Bilateral costs for trading partners in Commonwealth countries are on average 21 per cent less than between those in non-member countries.

  • Many small and developing Commonwealth countries are among those with the lowest ecological footprints worldwide.

  • The Commonwealth works with governments, international development partners and local people to help developed and developing member countries enjoy economic growth and stability.

  • The Commonwealth helps member countries improve their export competitiveness, diversity their exports and secure better trade deals.

  • The Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda is a flagship project which aims to increase trade between Commonwealth countries.

  • International trade policy - we bring countries together to discuss and better understand new global trade issues. This helps Commonwealth countries be more prepared for bilateral, regional and multilateral trade negotiations.

  • Commonwealth Meetings – the Commonwealth brings member countries together every year in 2 major meetings:
              Commonwealth Finance Minister Meeting (CFMM)
              Commonwealth Central Bank Governors Meeting (CCBG)
              Commonwealth Trade Ministers' Meeting